Posted: January 7, 2007 in insomnia, Journal

Can’t sleep. Normally, I don’t mind insomnia, because I have plenty of things with which to occupy myself during the “wee sma’s” (that’s the wee small hours of the morning for those of you who didn’t grow up in my Grandma’s household). I mind tonight, though, because I have to get up in a timely manner tomorrow morning for work. I guess I really screwed up my sleep schedule while on vacation, but I can’t “force” myself to go to sleep. I tossed for a good 45 minutes and annoyed the bejeezus out of Calvin, so now I’m back out on the couch.

I surfed the web. Read up on all of my regular journal reads. Futzed around some more with WordPress. Personalized my Google homepage. Looked for new songs to download. Changed out a load of laundry. Made myself a mug of spiced cider. Looks like I may have to “go run around the block”, as my Grandmother used to instruct me to do in order to burn off excess energy.

How ambitious do I feel like being, tonight? I want to consolidate my blog archives onto a separate page instead of having all of the months listed down the sidebar. I also want to list my post label categories in the sidebar, which feature isn’t automated for my particular template. After all, someday I might get a hankering to read all of my entries about “lizards” or “boredom”.

Yeah, I’m not that ambitious tonight. I’ll probably watch Buffy episodes on-line, or read another book.


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