Posted: December 23, 2006 in booze

We just came back from our holiday booze shopping. Check this out:

“Beautifully balanced, rich creamy supple mouth feel, with no astringency or angularity. Refined, almost pillowy texture.”

This is from the info label off of the “Jewel of Russia” vodka bottle. Not sure how a flavor can have angularity, or be pillowy. And also, mouth feel? (Hansel?) But then, I ain’t refined. I just like the likker. Even when it comes in a hand-painted (?!?) bottle.

We also picked up a bottle of Cabo Wabo (I don’t have to chase that shit with NUTHIN) and a bottle of 1792 whiskey (aged 8 years and smoooooooth as silk).

Dude at the liquor store LOVES customers like us. We pretty much said “yup” to each of his recommendations. I’m documenting the experience here because we’ll need to remember what to buy again next year. Until then, the cheap stuff will have to suffice again when this stuff is gone.

Deck the Halls meets 99 Bottles of Booze on the wall…


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