Posted: December 22, 2006 in Journal

It’s 45 degrees and raining here in Arizona today. I talked to my sister on the phone. It’s 45 degrees and raining in Maine today.

Gee! It’s like I never left! Except with irony!

I braved the mall briefly this morning to pick up a final gift for Michael. It wasn’t my lack of planning that put me there on the second-to-last shopping day before Christmas. No, it was a botched on-line order that never got delivered. Best intentions? The road is paved. Y’all come back now, y’hear?

I spent the day mailing a package for Marie (Lilly, more presents are on the way!), picking up a few things at the grocery store (Magic Cookie bars = second batch this week), braving the mall and the smoke shop, baking the aforementioned Magic Cookie bars, watching “Burned Bridges” on CMT, doing laundry, wrapping presents, putting the stockings together (I went WAY overboard on the candy – it gets a stocking of its very own), putting together the gifts for Calvin’s side of the family, and picking up food for the gathering we’re going to later tonight at the G-Rents’.

I’m getting all of the busy out of the way, because tomorrow is Lobster Day (crap, I still have to go grocery shopping and make Baked Potato Soup) and Sunday is Munchies Eve (thus named because Christmas Eve is less about cooking and more about making and consuming a bunch of appetizers and likker), and Monday is Loot Day. Then I’m going to read the book my friend Jen gave me (and Jen? I’m almost done with “Lover Awakened” by J.R. Ward if you want to borrow it). That’s as far as my planning takes me.

There will be the mandatory (annual) surge of motivation that precedes its own demise, that of dieting and exercising and becoming more goddess-like before being seen in summer clothes. And riding the motorcycle, and practicing the guitar (Calvin got his Esteban! guitar a couple of days ago… we’ve noticed it’s impossible not to add the exclamation point on the end, there). I’m going to try to cook something different and new, meal-wise, each day. I’m not so sure how Louis and Clark I’m going to be about it all, though. It depends on my laziness factor, which is usually five hundred and twenty-three to one against.

It’s been so cold that the lizards have been positively torpid these last couple of weeks. I’ll come home in the evening and more often than not they’re in the exact same spot they were in when I left. It’s hard to be a lizard when it’s 45 degrees.

Heck, I’m so spoiled for balmy weather that I’m having a hard time myself. But I love today’s weather – I would have love it more, though, if I hadn’t had some much FRICKIN’ things to do. Today is a grilled cheese and tomoato soup, curled up on the couch with a book and the cat, kind of day.

Oh cool, I hear Calvin at the door. Later!

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