Goodbye, big kid.

Posted: December 5, 2006 in pets

05_28_06 005
Originally uploaded by Snerkology.

Sadness. I had to put one of the Water Dragons to sleep this morning. He wasn’t using his hind end, going to the bathroom, eating or drinking. I feared it may be Metabolic Bone Disease, but it turned out to be something genetic. That offered at least a little comfort, knowing that my husbandry skills are just fine and I didn’t contribute to his illness.

I know I’m not as attached to the lizards as I am to, say, Oz and the dogs. But I’m still quite fond of them, and I ended up blubbering away at the vet’s as the doctor offered me tissues and a euthanasia consent form. Bleh, I hate this part of owning pets.

So, goodbye, big kid. You were a good little guy.

I took the other Water Dragon as well, just to make sure she was healthy. She’s “a fine specimen” according to the vet, in good health and raising hell trying to get out of the carrying bag and explore. I think the vivarium is going to seem big to her for a while – it seems she’s looking for her brother. We’ll get her another friend when we can find another Water Dragon of similar age/size.

I’m sad today.


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