Ho frickin’ Ho.

Posted: December 3, 2006 in Food, Journal

I’m so not in the holiday spirit this year. Had I been, the house would be decorated by now (sans tree, which is always about 10 days before Christmas). The decor is still snugly stored in the garage. Maybe it would be different if Lilly and the babies were still here – Christmas stuff is so much more fun when there are little ones around.

Christmas shopping is DONE, though. I heart Amazon. The gifts will be delivered within the next week, and all I’ll have to do is wrap. We’re going low-profile on the loot this year. I found a couple of cool gifts for Marie and Michael, but money goes over much better than anything else I might wrap and put under the tree. Why wrack my brain trying to find THE perfect gift when they’ll just say, “Oh, gee, thanks,” and stick it in the corner of their closet?

I’m looking forward to Calvin’s reaction to his gifts, though. One of them in particular I feel is pretty cool and will garner the, “Oh, SWEET!” reaction I always look for. I like to find unique things that no one asked for and no one would think of, but when they receive it they really, really like it.

For myself, Santa has come early this year. I have instructed Calvin to purchase me NO gifts this year, as he has already been generous (and tolerant). On top of the motorcycle, which I continue to love, I have also purchased a guitar. A very pretty guitar.


I plan to try to teach myself, though if I prove to be particularly dense about it, I’ll take a half a dozen lessons. Ah, if only I had decided to do this (counting) fifteen (!?!) years ago. I would’ve wow-ed ’em at the high school talent show.

I’m cooking a turkey dinner today, as we had the turkey for Thanksgiving already purchased before we knew we were going to the Grandparent’s. It’s an excellent way to occupy one’s time, while watching Sunday afternoon football in HD. Oh, man, speaking of which. We almost didn’t make it. We almost DIED. Swear. Last weekend the lamp in the TV died, so we put in a service call. The repair man wasn’t able to get to us until last night, which meant that we were stuck watching TV in the bedroom on a regular old tube TV. Man, it was like living in the stone age. But we’re all happy now. We watched “Superman – The Return” (right?) last night to celebrate. Which I thought was decent, though when did Lois and Superman have sex??? Kevin Spacey makes an excellent Lex Luthor. And I continue to hate Parker Posey. I just don’t like her, never did. I don’t know why.

One of the water dragons is very ill, and it looks like we’ll have to put him down. I think he developed the muscle and bone disease that they’re known for – he’s not using his hind limbs at all. Such is the downside of owning critters – sometimes they break, and sometimes you have to say goodbye. Sigh.

And on that happy note, back to basting the turkey, which is an every-twenty-minute requirement. Have a good one!


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