Posted: November 23, 2006 in booze, Calvin, drrrrrunk, Holiday, Home, Motorcycle, movies, Warm Fuzzy, weekend

I wonder how many times I’ve seen Star Wars – A New Hope? It’s on right now, it’s the scene where R2-D2 and C3-PO have landed their escape pod in the desert. “That malfunctioning little twerp, this is all his fault. He tricked me into going this way, but he’ll do no better.”


It was a nice Thanksgiving! I only had to cook mashed potatoes and make a salad, though I’m sure I’ll be cooking the turkey we have in the near future. It’s taking altogether too much room in our already-cramped fridge. We went over to the Grandparents’ for dinner and enjoyed spending time with the family. Calvin rode my motorcycle up while I followed in the Avalanche with Michael and Marie. They were subject to listening to my iPod via the transmitter – she who drives manages the musical selection. We got home again relatively early, and took a *four hour nap*. Friggin tryptophan.

I talked briefly to my sister – long enough for her to tell me that she had a house fire (no one was hurt), her husband got into a head-on collision with their three boys in the car (no one was hurt), and she’d been drinking beer since 6:00 a.m. while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. (Husband – “Can I cook you breakfast?” Sister – “Sure!” Husband, handing her a beer – “Here you go.”)

So now I’m blogging, looking for books and music on MP3 Rocket, tossing tequila shots, and Calvin forced me to watch Sixteen Candles AGAIN. After that came Star Wars, and here we are. Calvin just took off for the video store. Yes, we have NetFlix AND rent from the video store. I protest, but I am overruled.

I’ve taken to wearing pigtails when we’re out riding. Calvin thinks it’s velly sessy. I’m hot.

I’ve managed to be somewhat productive this week, get a lot of sleep, and completely avoid working out. A complete success.


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