Posted: November 16, 2006 in Drama, Family, Home, kids

Lilly, Robert, Devlin and Roman have been gone for two weeks as of today.

Michael and Lilly have decided to separate, and in the aftermath of that decision came Lilly’s departure back to Texas with the babies. She’s staying with her parents and ALL of their dogs (heh). Michael is continuing to live with us until he moves in with a roommate in December or January.

The house has been quiet (“TOO quiet.”), in a manner of speaking, since they left. Gone are the sounds of the three boys (and what little noise Lilly made) wreaking their havoc, returned are the sounds of late-night visits by Michael and Marie’s friends (wreaking their havoc). Party House was on hiatus while the babies were here; it seems to have returned with a vengeance. Which is fine, while Calvin and I are participating in the festivities. During the weekend. It’s when the noise continues (or BEGINS) after we’ve gone to bed during the work-week that things get rather annoying.

We all miss the babies terribly. It’s hard to think about all that we’ll be missing as they grow up so far away from us. We were so blessed to be able to have them for the six months they lived with us — hard as it was, chaotic as it was, and frustrating (at times) as it was, we really did enjoy having everyone at home.

We made some really wonderful memories, which I guess will have to sustain us in the now few and far-between times we’ll get to see Lilly and the boys. I’m glad that Lilly’s parents will have the opportunity to make some memories of their own, but still. Rats.


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