Still the same old us.

Posted: November 11, 2006 in Calvin, Motorcycle

I’ve been browsing through some of my old entries and came across quite a few that describe precisely what we’re doing right now.

Saturday night, Calvin’s blasting the tunes and playing DJ, I’m writing an entry, we had some hysterical conversation with Marie and a bunch of her friends, we imbibed in some beer and tequila, we looked through some family photos, and everyone’s in a goofy mood.

Thus far is has been quite an excellent weekend. After work Calvin and I went to the local Kawasaki dealership and bought me my first motorcycle. Yes, me. Yes, MINE. (Mine mine mine! Down down down! Back back back!) It’s an ’07 Vulcan 900 Custom. It looks like this:

No pictures of my own, yet. But soon you’ll be sick of ’em, there’ll be so many.

After we left the dealership (Calvin riding, me following in the truck), we made a quick stop at home so I could grab my helmet and climb on behind Calvin. We cruised up to Monkey Pants, a bar in Tempe. I’m going to get one of their T-shirts – the front says “Thank you for coming in my pants,” and the back says, “Don’t worry, I’ll clean up.”


We headed back home, and then went to an empty parking lot so I could practice riding. Calvin stood by and re-explained things, and was patient as I stalled a couple of times (of course), but I soon got something of a hang of it. I practiced finding the clutch/throttle balance and going from a halt to first to a halt again. Then he waited as I looped around the parking lot a couple of times (…becoming geeked and yelling, “I shifted!” Wow, Laura. First to second gear! Laws.)

Back home and into the truck for a beer/munchies run, but not much further into the evening Calvin was feeling rather under the weather. So he went to bed and I prepared myself for a quiet evening on the couch. Except that I wasn’t allowed. Michael and Marie were home, in very high good spirits, and they had some friends over. So we all sat out on the patio for, oh, at least a few hours, shooting the shit and having some rather HONEST conversation (I kept leaping up every half-hour or so to go snoofie snoofie at ‘my baby’ in the garage). It’s cool how are relationships are shifting from child/parent to adult/adult.

This morning we got up fairly early (8:00 is more than respectable for us on a weekend!), made some egg and cheese sandwiches, read the paper/surfed the ‘net, and fortified ourselves with coffee. Around lunchtime we hopped back on the (new! blue! pretty!) bike for a ride up to Mill Avenue. We stopped for a light lunch at Rula Bula, then continued up to Scottsdale, swinging around through the historical downtown area, and back toward Tempe and a quick stop at the Sonoran Brewing Company for some Reaper Ale.

Back home again, I shoo’ed Calvin off of the motorcycle so I could tool around the neighborhood. I’m getting pretty comfortable now with stopping/starting/shifting, keeping the bike where I point it, and gaining confidence.

Except for when the guy in the truck parked to the side of the road suddenly decided to roar out in front of me without looking. I swerved, managed somehow to stall, and *almost* layed the bike down. It was a close thing and I did end up damaging a mirror (the lowest part to hang down). I got myself straightened around (the damn bike is damn heavy, damn it), back on the road, and continued to enjoy myself for a few more minutes before heading back home.

Calvin was not. pleased. about the mirror. Well, and neither was I, but as far as mishaps go (and hello, new rider + new bike = mishaps) it was very minor, easily repairable, and a good learning experience.

So, I’m still geeked as all get out and very confident that I’ll be tearing around the streets like a pro in no time. Calvin and I are going to ride together – him on his bike, me on mine (squee!) – and go somewhere for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Not a bad way AT ALL to spend a weekend.


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