Your standard, run of the mill update.

Posted: October 22, 2006 in Friends, Health/Fitness, kids, movies, TV, work

I was happy to talk to Heather yesterday. I seem to talk to her only on my cell when I’m going grocery shopping. That habit began when she happened to call me, like, three times in a row while I was in the grocery store. Now we do it on purpose. This is how traditions get started. And I must say, it makes grocery shopping a whole lot more interesting.

There’s something wrong with me. An Adam Sandler movie made me cry. Or maybe I had one too many tequila shots. Also, I’m not sure that I particularly cared for the third installment of X-men. Next up is The Lake House, the entertainment value of which I am skeptical about, if only because of The Keanu Factor(tm). But, we shall see. In related news, NetFlix continues to rawk.

I’ve been sick since last Wednesday, and am just now beginning to feel like myself again. I completely blame my illness on the plethora of DNA beasts currently residing in the household.

I have a new boss at AcronymCo. My former boss accepted a position outside of the company, which is good for him but wah for me. He’s been a great manager. My new manager is a good guy, though. He’s been the manager of the companion side of our organization, so I’m familiar with him. Business as usual, but our cubicle isle continues to lose inhabitants. I think we should construct a sort of rumpus room in place of our isle, toss some bean bags and posters in there, and everybody in the group hang out together with our laptops. Maybe throw in a radio and some board games, and it would totally be a positive work environment.

I’ve been looking for work that I can do from home, to supplement our income and help us pay off debt faster. Thus far I have investigated transcription and various “Be Your Own Boss!” “opportunities”, trying to weed out the hacks and find something legitimate. I don’t want to add to my hours outside of the house if I don’t have to, though there is a collections company near my house that is hiring for $15/hour, with the shift being Monday through Thursday, 5pm-9pm. I might be able to handle that, I don’t know. Anything to continue our plans to simplify our lives over the next 18 months or so. The more debt we have paid off by the time we sell the house, the more money we’ll have to put down roots somewhere else.

I’ve been having fun adding to my 43 Things (see also the right hand frame under “Stuff”). Who knew I had so many goals in life? So many interests? Such a depth of character? Such a depth of bologna?

Robert and Devlin have been emphasizing their drama by throwing themselves to the ground (or, even more dramatically, slowly wilting to the floor) when the circumstance warrants. It’s not accomplishing what they want, though, since it only makes us crack up.

Current TV lineup includes: Grey’s Anatomy (of course, and my interest has now grown to an obsession because now I’m even DREAMING about the show, which doesn’t suck because Patrick Dempsey inevitably shows up at some point and does something, well, McDreamy), CSI, ER, Jericho (good show!), Heroes (another good show!), Medium (when it starts up again in November), Desperate Housewives, and Criminal Minds. DVR is absolutely priceless on Thursday nights – I can watch Grey’s Anatomy while DVR-ing CSI, then watch CSI while DVR-ing ER. Techno-geek ecstasy, I tell you.

I’ve somewhat relaxed my self-imposed dietary restrictions, having not seen as much progress as to make me think said restrictions were that significant to my body. Hmm… that sounded stuffy. I’ve lightened up because that shit wasn’t working well enough to make the sacrifice worth it. While I’m not consuming bread and cheese to the extent I used to, I no longer go through life completely grilled cheese-less. Because really, what kind of life is that? But, since it seems that I must be obsessed about something, health-wise, I shall now attempt to obsess over exercise. Since the weather is now below a hundred-fuck-twenty degrees (channeling Louis Black for a moment), maybe the misery will stave off long enough for me to make a habit out of it. We shall see.

And that’s the news about my exciting life. “You better blow that shit out…”


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