Typical conversation

Posted: October 11, 2006 in Bring the funny, Calvin

“Hey baby, how’s it going?”
“Eh. It’s going.”
“What’s the matter?”
(sigh) “I should have married a cheerful man.”
“There’s still time, baby.”
“No, no there isn’t. I’m stuck. For life.”
“You should be more like me! I’m inherently cheerful.”
“What’s there to be cheerful about?”
“What’s there to be NOT cheerful about? I wake up in the morning in a good mood, and I stay that way until something specific happens to put me in a bad mood.”
“See, that just makes you dingy.”
“I’m not dingy! I’m the smartest person you know.”
(long pause)
“Stop trying to think of someone smarter!”
“Well, you do agree with me most of the time.”
“Oh, and agreeing with you makes me smart?”
“No, it makes you wise.”


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