Entry of the day

Posted: September 27, 2006 in Bring the funny, Calvin, Music, pets, weekend, work

Mood: Hanging in there
Music: “Sunday Mornings” by Maroon 5
Location: Work

I have a quiet spot in my day. The rush of the last couple of weeks (financial year-end activities) have passed and left me (after catching up with the other stuff I couldn’t prioritize during that time) with a nice little space of time before a team luncheon.

I seriously don’t know how people get through a work day without listening to music. A large population of my co-workers actually say that they prefer NOT to listen to their iPods, or headphones, or what have they. I’m obsessed with my playlist, and I must say that I have a fantastic variety of really good songs. The latest being “#1 in Heaven” by Nemesis… and a less apt band name I have yet to find, since “Nemesis” consists of twin brothers who were raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses and left their podunk little town to find their fame and fortune while simultaneously coming out of the closet. I had to let out a good ol’ guffaw when I heard them referred to as the “Dynamic Gay Duo” (spot the SNL reference). I love their debut song, though, and I think their video is hot. In part because of the gayness.

Like Lisa Lampanelli, I love the gays.

My admin just stopped by my desk and asked me to stop tapping my shoe on my footrest. “It sounds like someone is hammering.” Well, if she had noise cancelling headphones too, it wouldn’t bother her! Huff.

Calvin and I are going to the Tuscon Reptile Show this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it. I mean, when we first got the Chinese Water Dragons (for us) and the Ball Python (for Marie), it was a whim supported by (and probably caused by) our fascination with subject-specific shows on the Discovery Channel. It’s turned into something close to an obsession, and we actually have to stop ourselves from filling our house with critters.

Yes, we’ve turned into those people.

I can’t guarantee that we won’t be coming home from this expo with additional creatures to add to our collection. I do know that there are several additional breeds of lizards that we’d like to own, and little to stop us if we decide we see something we like. I mean, once one has four lizards, a snake, two dogs, and a cat, what difference does one little Rough Green snake make? Or a Uromastyx? Or a Frilled Dragon?

Of course, vacationing is difficult with so many exotics to care for. House sitters are squeamish to feed live rats and superworms and cockroaches, for some reason.


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