Love. Joy. Happiness.

Posted: July 8, 2005 in best things, Family, Food, goals, Health/Fitness, kids, photography, Warm Fuzzy, weekend

It’s funny, the things that make me happy. Take, for instance, breakfast. I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite meal of the day. It’s also the most important! So, that’s handy.

This morning my breakfast is Kashi Good Friends Crunch (very granola-like in texture and crunch and yummy goodness, with lots of protein and fiber, and low in fat) mixed with fat-free strawberry yogurt, cut up strawberries, and cut up banana. It’s like eating dessert for breakfast. And who doesn’t love that idea?

I’ve had this breakfast, with fruit variations, every day for the last two weeks. I am not tired of it yet. In fact, I look forward to it. Yes, I’m a weirdo, but I’m a healthy weirdo.

Detox is going swimmingly. End of report, in adherance with my promise to keep this blog a details-free zone.

Our infamous Sheriff Joe has got his chain gang working along the road in front of AcronymCo. I wonder what our security officers would do if one of the prisoners made a break for it and infiltrated the campus? It does give one pause, since their idea of deterring auto theft in the parking lot is to park a security truck in random lots, and put a dummy with a security cap behind the wheel. Like that’s going to fool anybody.

And now, the weather. Friday – 109. Saturday – 111. Sunday – 110. Monday – 112. Tuesday – 114.

I’ll spell that out for you in laymen’s terms.

Friday – too hot. Saturday – what, 109 wasn’t hot enough? Sunday – oh, gee, a cooling trend! Monday – shit. Tuesday – fuck.

And not a monsoon in sight. The state is battling wildfires again, like it does every summer. See? I really do live in hell – complete with flames and everything.

The kids and the grandkids visited for the holiday weekend. Lilly and Michael are still plugging away, counting the days until they get out of the Marines (although Michael is thinking about re-upping, an idea that we are strongly campaigning against). Anthony will be two (!?!) in September, and Devlin will be one in November.

It was discovered that Anthony has a mild hearing problem, which is contributing to his refusal to speak in anything other than Klingon. Despite that, I think we understand him pretty well. He points, says “uh?”, and we tell him what the item is that he’s pointing at. When we say, “Go to Grandpa!” he toddles off to find Calvin. He’ll go on this long, drawn out rant, complete with wild gestures and expressions, then laugh hysterically and take a lap around the living room at full speed. He loves opening and closing doors, drawers, and cabinets. He very helpfully throws his trash away in the trash can. He refers to Oz as “Cuh”, and goes hunting for him when we say, “Where’s the kitty?”

Devlin is so adorable that I just want to eat him up. What a ray of sunshine that little baby is! He wants to be interacting with people constantly. He’ll play by himself for a few minutes, but then start to fuss. He wants to be talked to, held, played with, and entertained. Other than wanting that, he didn’t cry at all. It seems that he’s going to go straight to walking and forego crawling altogether – he loves to stand and is learning by leaps and bounds how to place one foot in front of the other while gripping someone’s hands.

During the visit, we just hung out most of the time. We went out to eat one evening, and Marie babysat one afternoon so the rest of us could go to a party that my girlfriend Dani was throwing. Mellow as usual, which is how the kids seem to like it.

Random pictures in random order from random times!

Wow. I just used Blogger to upload this picture, and it sure does dump a lot of code into the entry. Anyway! This is me and Michael, after the swimming and the losing of the make-up (me) and the drinking of the tequila at Dani’s party.

Okay, loading pictures in the blog is a whole lot more of a pain than in my journal. Another reason to un-hiatus it, huh? This is Anthony, Lilly, and Devlin, barely holding still long enough to get a picture.

This one’s for Heather, who just LOVES pictures of kids covered in spaghetti. This is one of Lilly’s pictures, from probably about a month ago.

Devlin at about six months. And also, this is a demonstration of loading pics under the “large” setting, instead of “medium”, as above.

Devlin now. And Blogger is annoying me. It insists on putting the code for the picture at the very top of the entry, instead of where my cursor was positioned. So I have to scroll up, cut the text, scroll down, and paste it where I want it. Gr.

Calvin, spraying my way because I was taking pictures of him.

Aww! Anthony’s all protective of Devlin. Well, no, not really. He probably rolled over and beaned the baby with his flailing arm. But still, a cute photo-op.

A picture of Calvin at the San Diego Zoo, from last fall’s trip to see the kids and hang in Carlsbad.

Marie. Also zoo. And check out how GREEN her eyes are.

Me and my egg-shaped head, at the zoo. Pics of us courtesy of Lilly, who shares my role in the family as the official picture-taker.

I love the T-shirt.

Lilly and Devlin, who she can almost make sit still.

Marie’s idea of a summer vacation.

This is Devlin’s idea of “interacting”.

Gratuitous Ozzy photo! This is his idea of summer vacation. As well as…

…this, and…

…this. Tired of scrolling yet? I hope this doesn’t take a year to load.

Daddy and his boyz. Up in da hood.

A self-shot, courtesy of Michael and Lilly. Because they are pretty.

And this is the kids in Carlsbad, at this great little hole of a fish place right across from our hotel. Best fish fry ever.

For those of you following along at home, here’s what the back yard looks like now.

For those of you just tuning in, the before/after entry of the landscaping installation can be found here.

Okay! I think that’s enough dealing with Blogger for one day. If there are spelling errors, my bad. I don’t feel like dealing with Blogger’s spell check, either. I do love Blogger, don’t get me wrong, but it is DEFINITELY a blogging tool, and not an “entry” tool.

Take care!


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