Busy. Seriously.

Posted: May 13, 2005 in Family, kids, photography, Warm Fuzzy, work

The coming up to speed-ness of the new job is coming along. Funny, after I stopped doing the training and did the actual hands-on stuff, I started learning a whole lot faster. Ask me again my opinion of on the job training.

Everyone is exceptionally nice, considering I ask a random person a random question on the average of every fifteen minutes. Nobody has growled at me (out loud) yet. We do a lot of team building and team lunches and team meetings and team oriented stuff. We’re all about the teaming. Management seems to be overly concerned that we all get along – a residual of how the group used to be (apparently) before all the changeover happened in the last six months. Now there are all-new people (the most senior person has been there for nine months) and, apparently, an all-new attitude.

So. I work along without noticing the lunch hour, and I work after I get home, just for a “few minutes”, just to “check”. Apparently, the honeymoon phase has not yet ended.

School is a necessary evil. I got full marks on my mid-term for Human Resources, which made me happy. Next is to write up the interview I conducted with an HR person, and I’ll be damned if I know how to turn an interview into a term paper. I’m free this coming weekend, but next weekend I’m back to school Saturday and Sunday to finish up my studies on the Pacific Rim. There’s a geography test (Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong) on Saturday, and a short-answer essay test on Sunday. A research paper is due in mid-June, and I think I’m going to write about the archaeology and history that is being destroyed as a result of the building of the Three Gorge Dam.

I start English 102 (I can’t BELIEVE I can’t test out of this) and Accounting 301 in the first week of June. Hi, my name is Laura and I’ve been neglecting my journal. I like personally-motivated writing much better than assigned writing. Though I did prove to myself a couple of weeks ago that I can hammer out an eleven page research paper, complete with no less than ten references, in four hours. And get an A on it.

Okay, enough of the bragging.

Michael and Lilly went back home a week ago Monday, and the house immediately seemed too big and too quiet. We mostly just hung around the house while they were here. We went to dinner a couple of times, and the girls and I went on a shopping trip, but other than that it was mostly movie watching and baby-wrangling. Lilly learned how to make her mom’s lumpia and pansit, which she treated us to (and how great was it to have someone else cook in my kitchen and serve up dinner for a change?).

I took a whole bunch of pictures, which shouldn’t shock anyone.

The fruit salad I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, that Calvin made. I had the picture hanging around on the memory card.

Our new dining room table, with my Mother’s Day lillies that Marie gave me.

Anthony taking a bath. “My bubbles.”

Michael kissing a constantly animated Devlin. The kid had to be in constant interaction with everyone and did NOT suffer to be left to his own devices.

Anthony was altogether TOO fascinated with the electronics. It starts young, people. It starts young.

I was more than happy to satisfy Devlin’s need for interaction.

Anthony, ready for his close-up.

Devlin’s “But why?” face.

More bubbles, because he’s just too damn cute.

Devlin zonked out, Michael making sure his head doesn’t flop forward.

Lilly, looking very pretty.

“Gimme the sippy cup, and nobody gets hurt.”

Flowers from the bower vines in the back yard.

The boganvilla (yeah, spelling?) that’s creeping up one of the columns.

Grandpa giving Devlin a bath.

Antie Marie and Devlin with the spaced-out flash eyes.

The kid is so damned photogenic.

“Stop tickling me, Grandpa!”

“Feed me, or the hair gets it.”

Sleepy at Red Robin. Until he got a balloon, that is. And let it go. And got another one. And let that one go, too.

I continued to be astonished at how goofy adults will be, just to get a baby to smile.

“Lemme out, Grandpa! I wanna help you mow the lawn!”

“Get. The. Camera. Out. Of. My. Face.”

More kissy!

A close-up of one of the lillies Marie gave me. (random, much?)

Some weirdcool desert-like planty thing in the back yard.

Aww. He loves his Grandpa.

Monkey face!

Out on the patio, where we spent a lot of time.

“I haven’t made up my mind if I’m going to spit up on Grandpa’s shoulder or not.”

“It’s a rock. Rock. Can you say it? Raaaawk. No, don’t eat it!”

Love, of the heart-achey kind.

“Hi, Grandpa. Whatcha doin? Hey! Can I have a bath after Devlin?”


Devlin is serious about his baths.

“Yo-yo, homey.”

Ow. My uterus.

Okay, I’m off. Penn and Teller are on TV explaining their theory of the Kennedy assassination. No, really, they are.


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