Spam, AZ TUS-Con, and furniture.

Posted: March 18, 2005 in best things, Friends, Home, weekend, work

I was just messing around on my Yahoo! Group for this site, because a couple of kind readers let me know that somehow a spammer had infiltrated the group. As I was reviewing the group activity log, I came across a few people who had chosen to leave the group. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does I’m always curious. Did I offend them? Bore them? Not update often enough? Personally, I’ve left one or two notification lists because I didn’t read them much, or checked back with them so often that a notification of their update was unnecessary. For instance, I would frequently get to Jill’s entries before she even had a chance to send out her notification.

Nothing more specific to say about the subject, I just wonder. It’s that Pollyanna complex kicking in again.

Speaking of Jill, last weekend she and her boi Jay came out to Arizona. The official reason was for a Cub’s spring training game, but we managed to hijack two of their evenings to spend with us. Last Friday, Jay and Jill came over, as well as fellow TUS-er Kazzy and her husband, to hang out and visit and eat pizza. Jay and Jill arrived first, and I must say that I fell into an easy comfort with the two of them right off. Well, I’ve been reading Jill since 2000, and she talks about Jay so much (plus Jay posts on TUS) that I felt like I knew her a bit, too. Jill and I have been meaning for YEARS to meet in person, and I was tickled that it finally happened.

Amusingly enough, within the first ten minutes of their arrival, Jill and I decided to take off and go to the grocery store for alcoholic necessities. We were leaving just as Kazzy and her husband were arriving. We all said our hello’s, and Jill and I took off. We gabbed like we’ve known each other forever, and laughed over the strange friendship initiation of grocery shopping together.

Arriving back at the house and carrying our stuff up the sidewalk, we heard laughter coming through the screen door. Just as I was thinking it, Jill said, “Oh, good!” It can be weird, sometimes, meeting folks that you only know on-line. Look at me with the sage words, when the only other on-line person I’ve met in “real life” is Dawn (whose website says she’s “back”, but she hasn’t posted since January. Ahem, missy.)

Everyone was gathered around the bar in the kitchen – and why IS that? Everyone, whether we’ve known them for ages or just met them, stands and sits around the kitchen bar, gabbing. There is actually furniture to sit on in the living room, mere steps away, but the congregation always takes place in the kitchen.

Anyway. We fixed some drinks and grabbed some pizza, and I announced that I was sitting out on the patio, since it seemed the neighbors’ (fucking) dogs had finally quit their (fucking) barking, and it was a beautiful night. Gotta love March evenings in Arizona.

We sat around gabbing for, like, four hours. I’m afraid that Jay, Jill, Calvin and I pretty much dominated the (sometimes risque) conversation, and probably horrified Kazzy and her husband. They’re really kind, sweet people, and I enjoyed having them over very much. I just think we might have, well, overwhelmed them.

As for the rest of us, we tangented (“Calvin, do you remember how you got onto the topic of monkeys?”), and talked all over one another (“It’s Laura’s turn to talk! Calvin, shut up.”), and laughed hysterically (“Shut up, dog! SHUT THE FUCK UP!”). Marie wandered in and out (Jill – “Is it okay to still be talking about this stuff around her?” Me – “If it weren’t, she would have been shocked into a coma a looooong time ago.”), playing DJ with Sirius. And before we knew it, it was almost one of the clock.

So the guests departed, and I was left with the delighted feeling I get when I find more kindred spirits – and, bonus, ones that “get” Calvin, with all his flirtatious (and then some) ways. Why do these newfound friends have to live in a different state, though? Grumble.

So! I have no idea what we did on Saturday. Something involving the garage or other household project, I’m sure. A dump run? Probably. Marie had a REALLY rough night on Saturday night, and was still feeling awful on Sunday. So! What better way to cheer up than to buy stuff!


It’s a very, very bad thing to live within spitting distance of Circuit City.

We spent all evening Sunday (and by “we”, I mean “Calvin”) setting this bad boy up, and all day Monday playing around with it. Jill called late Monday afternoon and asked if we wanted to hang out again, to which both Calvin and I responded with, “Hell, yeah!” So she and Jay came over after the baseball game, and we once again had lively conversation around the patio table. It’s just so NICE to converse with new friends, and be understood, and understand them in turn. It always fills me with that excited, “This is too cool,” feeling to feel a connection right away and know that, were it not for the fact that they live so far away, we would be hanging out like this on a regular basis.

Jay has this wry sense of humor that had me nodding in agreement while I was snorting in amusement. She’s got a quick wit and quicker intellect, and she’s a lot more outgoing, or less reserved, than I pictured she would be. It’s hard to tell a person’s personality through on-line postings. An image or representation just automatically develops, through no purposeful effort. And, here’s a funny compliment, but I kept staring at Jay’s profile. Great lines and perfect symmetry and terrific bone structure – all the stuff I wish I had. ~grin~

Laws, I hate to use the word “bubbly”, and Jill is probably going to kill me if I do. After going through some tough stuff, Jill emerged on the other end very enthused and energetic. She just smiled the whole time, and I was glad to see it. And, even though it was a very casual weekend, she’s just got this quality that says “sexy” no matter what she’s wearing or doing. She’s got an intelligence and sense of humor to match and compliment Jay’s. Oh, and Marie says, “She’s got really cool hair!” High accolades, that.

They make a wonderful couple, and it’s plain to me that they’re good for each other. I kept mentally going, “aww” at their small contacts – feet under the table, a touch on the arm or hand gripped as one walked past the other. All the unconscious things that a couple uses to relay, “Hey! I like being with you!”

Calvin played the flirt to the hilt, which, I think, amused Jill and Jay. My darling husband was born without filters, which is a condition that cannot be recognized until a boy is in his mid-teens, or in Calvin’s case, eight. He cracks me up, but sometimes folks look askance at him, or at the very least laugh in that, “I can’t believe he just said that” sort of way. He certainly is fun to observe while we’re among a group of people, and watch the varying degrees of shock register with the not-so-laid back.

Jill and Jay, however, are quite laid back, and we had a grand old time laughing, listening to Calvin’s stories, and talking about everything from politics to the on-line community to our particular tastes in clothing, food, movies…

Well. Suffice to say, it was a very satisfying visit, and, after watching “Finding Nemo” on the BFD (Big Fucking Display) and ordering in some Mexican food, Jill and Jay called it an evening. Calvin and I were both sad to see them go. I hope they make it back this way, or us over in their direction, sometime soon.

Let’s see, what else is newsworthy? Well, we’re still trying to track down a dining room table… we really want this set, but Furniture Find has listed it as “out of stock” for a full month. Calvin’s going to get impatient soon, I think (well, I will too). He really likes this one, and I think it’s cool, but with caramel seats instead of black. We tend toward liking colder furniture surfaces, it seems, and I want to add at least a little warmth to the house.

I’ve got two more projects to finish up, and those are at the final stages, so by the end of next week I should have no more work to do for my old position. Items are getting piled onto my calendar from my new group’s admin at the rate of two or three a week, so it seems they’re in a hurry for me to come up to speed. I had my first meeting with my new boss this week, and he informed me that I will have 67 – that’s sixty-seven – classes to take over the next year. And I’ll be managing 8-10 vendor contracts. So while this job won’t be easy or quiet, it still sounds like it’ll be fun, and the folks in the group seem to be nice.

My manager countered all this “gulp” news with a query as to which day I’d like to telecommute from home. I asked for Friday, and he said that was no problem. So I can start doing that in about a month.

Because today is my last Friday off under my 4/10 schedule, and I am doing NOTHING but sitting on my ass and perusing the net for dining tables and hanging at TUS and writing this. I should be writing my research paper, but, well, I’m not. It MUST be done by mid-to-late next week, or I’ll be pissed with myself.

There! I’m here, the cat hasn’t killed us in our sleep.


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