Saturday Fun

Posted: October 30, 2004 in photography, weekend

Proof of aforementioned Saturday Fun

This is the view from our bedroom, with the (screenless. grrrr….) french doors open to the back yard.

And this is a shot of the much-ballyhoo’ed CAT FLAP, positioned at the base of the stairs next to the closet door, leading into the closet and the cat’s litter box and food.

This is looking out through our front door with the newly-installed security screen.

This is my little setup at the pub table, with Calvin looking resignedly up at the work to be done on the skylights.

This is a shot from UNDER the glass pub table. I’m bored.

These are the ladders from which Calvin is currently doggedly painting. And I’m waiting on the edge of my seat to rush and break his fall if he topples.

The cat hiding under the plastic-covered pool table.

“I shall travel to the future and scowl at you… I have arrived.”


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