Posted: September 14, 2004 in Uncategorized


– Marie turns sixteen on Saturday. The only gift she wants is money, so she can continue to save for new rims for her truck. Like father, like daughter.

– I can begin my 4/10 schedule, with every Friday off, in three weeks. Since work is the primary source of any distress in my life, I am looking forward to this so much that I’ll need to learn another language in order to effectively express my anticipation.

– I’m on Effexor for my anxiety and depression. I’m nearing the end of the second week, and it’s making me feel wicked weird.

– Our family has been obsessed with CSI lately. We watched a big bulk of the week-long marathon on Spike TV last week, and watched from 7:00-9:00 last night (we saw the pilot and were totally geeked). Next week all three season premiers (CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: New York) are on.

– Calvin will be out of town from Monday through Thursday next week, so I’ll have to tape the premiers for him.

– We saw Phil Collins in concert on the 1st. I haven’t made up my mind if it holds the first place or second place position for the best concert I’ve ever seen in my life. It was really, really awesome. If he’s going to be in your area, I highly recommend getting tickets. If he comes back to AZ, I’m going again.

– Speaking of awesome concerts, Yanni’s coming back to our area in November. I’m so buying tickets. Laugh if you want to, his concerts are fantastic and I’ve always enjoyed his music.

– Our California trip at the beginning of the month was wonderful. The hotel that Athena recommended in Carlsbad was beautiful and very comfortable, plus convenient to the beach. Calvin and I took advantage of that for several long romantic walks, strolling along and talking about everything, and fully enjoying one another’s company and our relationship. Michael and Lilly are doing very well, and Anthony is developing by leaps and bounds. He takes about ten steps unassisted before falling on his bum, and has a myriad of expressions which he uses to his full advantage. As usual, we felt like the time spent with them was much too short, and we’re hoping for a good long visit in December for the holidays and the birth of the new little one. Calvin and I couldn’t be prouder of Michael and Lilly. We can’t wait for them to move back to AZ again.

– And that’s the news.

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