There goes my hero

Posted: June 11, 2004 in best things, Blogthings, Journal

There goes my hero
Watch him as he goes
There goes my hero
He’s ordinary

Movie stars are not my heroes. Supernatural characters and make-believe icons are not my heroes. Obvious people that do obvious things for obvious reason are not my heroes.

My hero is my grandmother, who sent her husband to one war and her son to another, who worked as a welder in a metal refinery when everyone in the country had to get behind the war effort. She learned how to speak sign language so she could work as a cook in a school for the deaf. She worked with “the kids” in a hospital for the mentally handicapped, and brought them home-baked goodies all the time. She pushed through her grief – first at losing her husband, then at losing her daughter – and gave up her world travels in order to raise an eight year old girl.

My heroes are the firefighters who run towards danger instead of away from it. They wear full gear in 100+ degree heat battling wildfires and trying to save our land and our houses. They take every loss personally, and go out the next day with renewed determination. They’re the first face a person sees in the middle of a disaster, and the first sign that things are going to be alright.

My hero is the eighteen-nineteen-twenty year old kid who has in his or her heart such a love for our country, that at such a young age he or she chooses to do what has to be done to preserve and protect it. Who turns the concept of “living in this country” to “living for this country”, and sometimes dying for it. Whether any of us agree with any war effort, past, present, or future, the fact remains that every single person in our armed forces is a hero and deserves our respect and gratitude.

Ordinary people are my heroes, except that they’re far from ordinary.


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