A Memory for Later

Posted: May 14, 2004 in Home, Warm Fuzzy, weekend

It’s 8:30. Marie has left for the evening with her boyfriend (who cleaned the kitchen for her since she took so long getting ready and we weren’t going to let her go without doing her chores). “Send Me An Angel” is playing on the stereo, and Calvin is wandering around singing to it… now he’s changed to “Quarterflash”… and he’s still surfing.

We’re about to sit down to watch a ton of movies I rented this afternoon (“Timeline”, “21 Grams”, “Big Fish”, “Love Actually”, and “The Last Samurai”). We’ve got a good buzz-on from the beers we had at Long Wongs, and the vodka we bought at the store. There’s ice cream in our future.

Calvin’s wandering around playing air guitar, and he’s just grabbed the phone to call Marie.

I love this song! “Hold me now… ooohhh, hold my heart… stay with me (Calvin: “Baby!”)! Let lovin’ start, let lovin’ start…”

Calvin has that light in his eyes. I love my life. We’re happy.


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