Prayers at work

Posted: April 30, 2004 in Drama, Journal, kids

Well! Talked to Michael and Lilly last night, and Michael’s superior officers are having him stay at Camp Pendelton and train recruits on the rifle range, instead of going over to Iraq. He had the second highest score in marksmanship in his platoon when he graduated from Boot Camp – I guess that skill is what is giving him this opportunity. He’s very happy, and Lilly is relieved. Another person from his section is going over in his place, for which Michael feels very responsible and is worried for his friend’s well-being. He’s actually a bit disappointed that he won’t be going over and being part of the effort, but he’s glad he’ll be around to see Anthony grow, and to be there when the new baby is born.

So! Drama and crying in the morning when we heard he was going over, and drama and crying in the evening when we learned he was staying after all. I had one too many Greyhounds in celebration last night while watching Must See TV, but I’d planned on knocking back a drink or two anyway. The reason just turned from upset to celebration.

Thanks so much, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers. I’m positive that’s what changed Michael’s circumstances. All we have to say over here is, THANK GOD.


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