The Measure of a Dog

Posted: September 9, 2003 in pets

This is how stupid Gadget is. This morning I went into the kitchen, and both the dogs perked up from “their” rug, which is positioned under the dart board and in line of sight of the kitchen. So I called them over to give them a “cookie” (rawhide chew). I gave Gadget his first, and he promptly trotted over to the walk-off mat in front of the door that goes out into the garage. I gave one to Gypsy, and because Gypsy was getting attention, Gadget had to interrupt. So he drops his cookie and gets all up in Gypsy’s face, chasing her as she trotted back over to their rug. Where he proceeded to pace back and forth in front of her, watching her as she gnawed on her cookie.

He totally forgot about his own treat, and was pouting because he didn’t have one.

So I called him over to the kitchen again, and pointed out his cookie, still lying on the walk-off mat. “Hey, Gadge, what’s this?” He pounced on it, all excited, and raced off to their rug to eat it in front of Gypsy while *she* stared at him.

God love the dog, he is an idiot.


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