Posted: September 8, 2003 in Home

The work on the back yard landscaping begins today! I’ve taken some before pictures, and will take some during pictures, and then (gasp!) some after pictures. Because I am foolishly, stupidly excited about all of this. I mean, think of it! A yard! In which I can spend quality time! And frolic! My life has had a serious lack of frolic in it, lately.

Take a girl who is used to running around in field and dale (at least, I think there was a dale, I’m not sure how to recognize them), where there is grass and trees and fauna goodness. Then, move her to a desert, stick her in a box, and give her bedroom a view of rocks, dust, and dog doo.

So sad.

But soon to be happy! Even though there will be no fields, and no dales (I’m pretty sure), there will be grass! And a few trees! And some natal plums and heather, and trumpet vines, and hibiscus (sp?). And some other plants I can’t think of at the moment. Oh! Pygmy date palms, and honeysuckle, and mountain laurel! And the internet is astonishingly short on images of these plants, or I would give you links to visuals. And a pretty brick border, and sprinklers under which to run if I’m so motiviated. And a little brick pad on which to roll out the grill, so that it no longer smokes along under the covered patio, billowing smoke into the living room when we go out to tend whatever it is that’s burning on it.

The dogs are gonna love this. As long as they don’t dig.


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